Category Name: Energy Products
Code: HC069-PP
Price: 25500.00

K-769 Energy Booster is specially designed into a stylish and elegant pendant with deep sea mineral extracts and enhanced with negative ions and far infrared rays which penetrate into the body easily.

K-769 Energy Booster is a classical creation incorporating the eastern concept of environmental science with the five elements of feng shui, with the western esthetic theory. It functions to balance up the electromagnetic circulation in the body, stimulate the hormone system and boost good hormones secretion which helps to lift up your potential and limitless positive energy.

Benefits of K-769 Energy Booster :
- Promote blood circulation in the body
- Boost body metabolism
- Improve nutrient absorption and detoxification process
- Enhance immune and hormone system
- I- ncrease energy and reduce free radicals
- Help to slow down ageing process
- Strengthen bioelectromagnetics in the body as well as helps to minimize health-affecting negative magnetic waves
- Provide higher and focused concentration

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